MHS Becomes A National School To Watch

MHS Becomes A National School to Watch

By: Maddison A.

Milford High School has recently been selected as a national school to watch. Schools to Watch is an organization that focuses on mid-level education (6th-9th grade). They have chosen to focus on these grades because students are going through more physical and emotional changes at this time than any other age development other than any student that is in kindergarten. They are focused on the changes and support students. 

There are four areas that schools are rated on to make sure the students are supported. These areas include academic excellence, developmental responsiveness, social equity, and learning systems. Over the last couple of years, MHS has been focused on improving academics and has provided extensive training for our teachers. Throughout the process, we have made changes to better suit students in our facility. We recently added a 10-minute class at the first of the day called Tiger Time. This time period is to provide students with the time to prepare for the school day. We encourage students to not use any form of technology during this time and to communicate with other students and teachers. Another class we have here at MHS is Learning Strategies. Learning strategies give students about 30 minutes at the end of each day (excluding Fridays) to work on any school work that needs to be done. This time period also gives students time to do any homework they may be worried about doing at home. During this time students are able to get help from teachers to improve their grades. If students have no school work to work on, have no missing assignments, and grades of C’s and above, the student is able to be released with parental permission Tuesday-Thursday. 

MHS also makes sure that each student has an adult in the facility that is an advocate for them. Some other things to bring into effect is that there are only 450 schools across the nation in this program. Sixteen of these schools are in Utah! Milford High School is honored to be a part of this awesome program!

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